Facebook Data Leak

Facebook says that the data leak that became public last week is not their fault, but the fault of the users.

Interesting response from Facebook to the data leak, which exposed data from over 500 million users. “While we addressed the issue identified in 2019, it’s always good for everyone to make sure that their settings align with what they want to be shared publicly.” See the full response from Facebook here.

Indeed, you can for example decide that only your friends can see your gender, age and phone number. However, what Facebook did not mention is that by default the account settings are such that your personal information like gender, age, e-mail, phone number and location is accessible by anyone. On top of that, the user interface to change these configurations is very cumbersome. They are distributed across 20+ different places in your profile, they regularly change and are difficult to understand.

Facebook is not alone in this. Many other digital services behave the same way. It is nearly impossible to keep track of the configuration of all your accounts, especially because every account is different. 

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