The app that makes privacy simple and actionable

  • It’s easy-to-use, intuitive and fully automated
  • Protect your privacy across services and devices from one place
  • Block the widespread hidden data collection in mobile apps (Android coming soon)
  • Map out your digital footprint and clean-up your personal data trail (Q3 2022)

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PAN Privacy App
Centralize Your Privacy Control

Centralize Your Privacy Control

Every account is different. Consequently it’s hard to remember how to configure each account.

Connect your accounts so that the PAN Privacy app can help you improve your privacy across services and devices from one place.

Control Your Privacy Level

There are 100’s of account settings that impact your privacy level. For instance, Facebook alone offers over 50 privacy relevant configuration options.

The world’s first personalised privacy score regularly monitors your level of privacy. It analyzes your account settings across your digital services.

Monitor Your Privacy Level ​

Block Hidden Data Collection

96% of apps include 3rd party trackers and 80% send data without user consent. These trackers record everything you do, even when you are not using the app.

Block all apps from sending your personal data to data brokers, advertisers and other data hungry companies. Launching in April.

Clean-up Your Digital Footprint

On average people have over 150 online accounts. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of them.

Get a full picture of all the companies you have interacted with and with a simple click, decide which accounts, services or newsletters you still need. Launching August 2022.

Private and Safe

Private and safe
  • No registration required
  • We don’t store any password
  • Your personal data never leaves your phone
  • Anonymous usage statistics collection requires your opt-in (turned off by default)
  • Swiss company with EU subsidiary